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Our Story

Founded in 2012, Sign It Drive It aims to offer the very best used vehicles at exceptional values while fostering a fun environment.

See what we mean? Awesome!


It's All About Awesome Cars

We have the very best used cars available to the public. This begins by purchasing vehicles exceptionally maintained throughout their service lifetime. Whether traded from the original owner or procured through a respectable dealer, your used vehicle has a history of care. Our reconditioning process erases the effects of aging through meticulous cleaning and sanitizing. Every vehicle undergoes a 210 degree water extraction at 120 psi removing contaminants. Our revolutionary ozone shock treatment neutralizes odor and kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

No Sad Faces There!


It's About Happy People

We don't want to make the car buying experience merely tolerable, we want our customers to love it! It starts with the atmosphere at Sign It Drive It. It's casual with a bit of comfort built in and best of all, absolutely different than anything you've known before. Our customers quickly become friends and from there, who knows where the relationship goes (we're not coy). We've usually got something on the BBQ pit and fresh Homebrew as well (Cole and Jared love to make stellar brewskis).

Let's Have Some Fun!

It's How Denton Does Used Cars

It's no secret that Denton does things differently. We love to put our own spin on everything from Halloween to In fact we do things so differently that you may not even recognize that your in a car dealership. Sure the big boys have a Kuerig Machine but we roast our own coffee. From green bean to bliss in your coffee cup. On Saturdays we've almost always got something on the smoker. Whether it's our freshly caught wild hog or just some free-range chickens, there's always enough to go around. Feel free to bring some fixins!